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Birthday Spanking

birthday spanking

I’d like to share with you the practices I’ve been doing that is helping me use fear to Wake Up and smell the roses. Fear is a compelling force — we can use it to help us unfold fully into this Present Moment and transform scared energy into sacred energy. Like a tightly wound rosebud that cannot be forced open, it must be allowed to gently unfold. It will not release its grip easily.

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It is primal, survival oriented and hardwired. I am experiencing that fear has a life of its own. Maybe some of you are feeling fear right now in your lives about an illness, or the loss of a relationship, loved one, job, or home? The country has been turned upside down, swatted on its bottom, and startled awake as the economy quakes on shaky ground. There’s a lot of that going around right now.

Were did the origin of the birthday spanking come from

As I await my hysterectomy that will hopefully remove all the cancer, I have been waking up with fear. I open my birthday PRESENT, fully here and now, brand spanking new…and scared. The familiar day-to-day sameness that lulled me to sleep is upended as life sings me awake with a rousing ‘lull-goodbye’ song. My recent diagnosis of uterine cancer has grabbed me by the ankles, turned me upside down, and spanked me vividly alive!

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