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Happy Birthday Love

happy birthday love

I love you and will never love anyone else the same. You are the blood pumping through my heart and without you my will to love will stop. You see I want to cherish this day with you and many more. Right now as you are sitting in this chair, I see how love should be because you are right here with me.

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Each day we are together, it just makes me wonder, how would it be without you and that is something I could not bear. You knew how I felt, many times I have told you when you touch me I melt, I melt like butter because you have added flavor to my life. I will never leave your side, this is your day and I don’t want you to cry, because of the way I’m expressing my love for you. Actually, my love for you will always grow. Each moment, each minute and each day I will always love you the same.

happy birthday son 'love mom'

We have grown together to form one strong and phenomenal love. Even though you are getting older, It is see you as the same when we first met. I am honored to share this special day with you. I all about you celebrating your life, you are my pride and joy and I thank God for blessing me to be with you and allowing you to give me such amazing love.

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