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Marathi Birthday Greeting

marathi birthday greeting

A short birthday message is ideal for texting; an e-card is also a fun and interactive way to send your birthday wishes to a friend. It’s the age of text messaging – why not send a birthday greeting in text form. You can write a thoughtful message into a birthday card or slip it into the wrapping of a special gift. Don’t let the event go by without special birthday messages that let them know they are on your mind on their birthday.

Marathi Birthday Greeting Happy Birthday

A birthday is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to express appreciation for those we care about and to celebrate the wonderful ways they add to your life. Whether you are looking for a funny quip, some words of wisdom and lasting advice, or a way to express your love, you can find birthday messages that fit exactly what you need to say. Our special collection of birthday greetings is free for you to share with your friends. You don’t want to just sign your name or say something used and trite, but nothing is coming to you.  How many times have you sat, pen in hand, and not been able to think of a thing to write in a birthday card.

funny marathi birthday greeting


Classic Marathi Birthday Greetings Collection

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