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Funny Birthday Poem

funny birthday poems

By the time the recipient has finished reading your poem or limerick, he/she will be so busy laughing that the thought of leaving the 30s behind and reaching 40 will Most of the time “over the hill” jokes, limericks and poems help to “soften the blow”! The idea of sending your friend or relative funny 40th birthday poems is to make them feel good and happy about their birthday, and not to make them hate the idea of getting old! The best part is that you can re-record it.

funny birthday poem for a boyfriend

This recorder is attached on the back of the frame and can play almost 500 times over and over again without you having to change the batteries. Today there are many funny poems that are available – some are the wall version or the table version ones, which usually come with a recorder that records your personalized message for 10 seconds along with the funny 40 birthday poem. Personalize the poem with a little message that can be added at the bottom of the poem. Funny 40th birthday poems can be a perfect gift if you choose one that suits the person.

funny 50th birthday poem

Not only will it bring a light note into the scenario, but it will also be the perfect way to wish someone a happy 40th birthday in a funny and amusing manner. Therefore, sending someone special a funny 40th birthday poem is just the right thing to do. To be considered “over the hill” is some people’s worst nightmare!  Turning forty is not really a happy occasion for many.

65th birthday funny poems

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