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Candy Bar Birthday Card

candy bar birthday card

I leave some space Then I format the font (I like Verdana) to be about the same size as the words on my chocolates. When I have a message in mind, I type it into a word document. I spend some time brainstorming ways to make a message for my friend or family member, using the chocolates to help spell out my message. The next step is to head home to lay out the chocolates in front of the computer.

Chocolate Candy Bar Cards

Make sure your backing is strong enough to support the weight of your chocolates as well. The bigger the backing, the easier it will be for a group of people to read your message, and the more chocolates you can fit into your message. Now look for some cardboard or thin Styrofoam to make the backing for your card. You just need to be able to read the name of the treat and the sweet needs to be a suitable size for attaching to your card with pins or adhesive.

How to Make a Birthday Candy Bar Story Card

You may choose small candy bars or individually wrapped chocolates, for example. Purchase your chocolates. Look for candy bars with names that suit your theme or message. With your occasion in mind, the next step is to take a trip to the local supermarket and to browse the confectionery aisles. Do you want to mark the beginning (a wedding?) or an end (retirement?) of something?

Make a Candy Bar Story Card for a Milestone Birthday

Has someone achieved a goal? Is it to mark a special birthday or anniversary?  First think about the reason you want to make the card.

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