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20th Birthday Party Ideas

20th birthday party ideas can be very interesting and creative. You can essentially come out with your own creative themes and ideas for celebrating the milestone. Some examples include the roaring party, scavenger hunt party, as well as the 20 questions themed party.

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Turning 20, while not officially a big birthday milestone, signifies the end of teenage life. While individuals will appreciate different types of gifts, it is a good idea to treat a 20th birthday as something a little bit special. People may feel they have become an adult now that they are in their 20s, so a gift that reflects that this is an important birthday for them will be appreciated.

20th Birthday Ideas

Invitations for a roaring 20s party in honour of a 20th birthday should contain a secret password admitting the guest to the “speakeasy.” Of course, all of the drinks will be imitation cocktails; choose from a selection of these from such sites as Cocktails Non Alcoholic. Create a playlist from the following artists suggested by Celebrations: Paul Whiteman, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and others; another suggestion is to provide a dance instructor who will teach everyone the Charleston and the fox trot. For 104 minutes of campy entertainment you could show the Raoul Walsh film, “The Roaring Twenties,” starring Jimmy Cagney.

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Anyone who is celebrating a 20th birthday will have lived at least half his life in the 21st century, so time-traveling back to the 20th century and channelling well-known individuals from that time can make for a spirited theme party. You could assign each guest or group of guests a particular decade and ask them to dress as either a hero or rogue from that particular decade. Provide entertainment by playing charades based on 20th century events involving famous or infamous people; for example: Amelia Earhart’s disappearance, Richard Nixon’s resignation or Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon.

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A 20th birthday party based on the traditional 20-questions game offers a variety of possibilities. Guests might each prepare a 20-question trivia quiz on subjects such as sports, music or movies; teams of guests could exchange lists and work together to answer questions. Just for fun, the guest of honour could write 20 questions that she wants each guest to answer truthfully; each guest would get three passes for questions she didn’t want to answer. Or guests could choose from 20 subjective questions; each guest would then write the question and her answer on an index card. The cards all go into a box; as cards are pulled out and read one at a time, the group tries to guess who wrote each.

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A scavenger hunt is a great activity for larger parties. In advance of the party, make a list of unique items that the guests must collect. Scavenger hunt items may be physically collected, or you can give your guests a disposable camera for collecting the items on the list. Many guests have cellular phones that contain digital cameras, which are perfect for this task. Items on the list may be as easy-to-find as a hairbrush or as scarce as a copy of a newspaper dated 1957. Divide your guests equally into teams and give them a certain amount of time to find the items. At the end of a present time, the team with the most items collected wins.

20th Birthday Party Ideas

Throw a 20th birthday party that reminds guests of their childhood. Rent a room in an arcade and give all the guests tickets so that they can play video games. Alternatively, go to a theme party and ride roller coasters all day long. Another idea is to go to an entertainment centre that has bumper cars, go carts, batting cages and other activities. Serve the foods you loved in childhood, such as pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers.

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