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Surprise 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Organizing a surprise 40th birthday party is very warming and it will certainly be a great moment for everyone in the party. Planning this kind of party may not be an easy task and some of the considerations to take into account include the theme as well as the invitation guests.

Surprise 40th Birthday Party Ideas For Husband

Surprise birthday parties are great at any age, but planning one for someone who is turning 40 can be a bit challenging because if she knows no other celebration has been planned, she will suspect that a surprise is in the works. Planning a surprise generally takes the efforts of more than one person. The best surprise birthday parties are an unexpected surprise for the birthday person as well as enjoyable for everyone attending. Whether you decide to adopt a nostalgic theme from the decade the honoree was born or a theme that highlights his or her life events to date, the element of absolute surprise will make your party memorable and great.

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Planning a fortieth birthday bash to correspond with another gathering is also an effective way to create a surprise. Friends and, particularly, family often live far away but when someone is going to turn 40, they often make an effort to visit the birthday person at some point during the year. Arrange for all the relatives to visit during the same time. Plan a get-together party that the birthday person is aware of, but thinks is merely a family reunion. Explain to all other attendees that it is actually an early surprise birthday party and plan tributes about the birthday person, gather photos from his or her life, or decorate to the theme of the decade they were born in, like disco or hippies for the 1970s.

Ideas For A Surprise 40th Birthday Party

Give that special someone turning 40 an entire day of surprises. Start by acting as if this birthday is not much different from any other birthday; tell him you will take him out to dinner, as is probably expected. Tell the birthday boy you need to be away from home all day, however. Leave, wait half an hour, then come back unexpectedly with flowers or gifts. Whisk the person away for a fun-filled day of activities the person enjoys most. For an extra surprise, plan the last stop in the itinerary to be where another group surprise party is organized. Try the club house at a golf course or marina, even a meeting room at the mall. Have decorations and guests waiting on the inside, but make sure the exterior appears normal so the birthday boy is not tipped off to the surprise.

Surprise 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas
Because the birthday person may be suspecting that a surprise party is in the works, one of the best methods of true surprise is to have the surprise party the day after the actual birthday. Plan a small gathering of close family and friends on the true birthday, but have other people claim they are unable to attend on that day. Have one of these people invite the birthday person to a home-cooked meal or dinner at a restaurant the following day, claiming that they want to celebrate the milestone birthday even though they can’t attend the main event. Of course, the surprise party actually happens when the birthday person arrives for the dinner. Be sure all cars are parked out of sight, and everything appears normal until the surprise has been exposed.

Adult Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

Throwing a four decades party is an inspired way to celebrate a person’s fortieth. Many major changes can occur on the planet during four decades. Decor should span the entirety of the four decades, and all of the fixtures and foods should represent specific time periods. For example, represent the 1980s with items introduced to the world during that time frame, such as the compact disc and the VCR. Create collages of iconic items of each of the four decades to depict that time of the forty year-olds life.

Surprise 40th Birthday Party

Moreover, for a more casual celebration, have a 40th birthday celebration with a trivia theme, where the questions are from the celebrant’s life or trivia unique to the years in which they grew up. Keep dining easy with bar-like foods and drinks. This type of celebration can easily be held in a home or at a bar or pub.

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