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14th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

There are countless of 14th birthday party ideas for girls. It all depends on your preferences and creativity. Themes can be created based on some popular shows or scenes. Flashback party, pool party, and beach party are other great ideas for 14th year old girls as well.

14th birthday party ideas need to be in the eyes of your teen, since they see themselves as adults but still enjoy “kid” fun. The main task to accomplish is balancing “cool” and what they really enjoy as kids. By this age, the birthday cake is pretty much standard and if it doesn’t seem cool to some kids, it is at least tolerated. For a 14th birthday party, get as much input from the birthday boy or girl about the type of cake they prefer. Most party foods that teens like are easy to make and usually involve hamburgers, fries, nachos and pizza. The good-old chips and dip still goes over well for snacking in between times.

14th birthday party ideas lend themselves to theme parties, which may revolve around the music scene that they are into. Popular shows like CSI and Forensic crime shows have brought about a flurry of activities that can be played at parties where you can solve a mystery. If this is your idea, plan well ahead of time so the clues aren’t just verbal but might include putting a puzzle or picture together to find them. Other types of theme party ideas for a fourteen year old might include a beach party theme, or even a skate boarding theme.

You can invite the teens to your house and organize a trip to a local thrift store. Give each teen a small amount of money and ask them to find the wackiest outfit from the money they have. Once you get home, each teen change into her new outfit and the party guests vote on their favorite choice. Use this same idea in different ways, by asking the teens to find the brightest outfit or the wackiest item in the home department. Hold a scavenger hunt, asking the teens to find certain items in the thrift store, such as a cooking pot, green shirt, glass and other items. Donate the items back to the thrift store after the party.

Moreover, you can also throw a fun flashback party, to celebrate the 14-year-old. The flashback party gives the teens the chance to act like kids again. Host a mini-Olympics, using the same games they played as kids, including hopscotch, follow the leader, tag and foursquare. Award points for each player’s finish in every game. Pass out trophies at the end of the day for the top point-getters. Use the same idea inside, using kid-friendly board games for winter or rainy day birthdays. Play a series of board games, giving each player points based on where they finish in the game.

Another idea for 14th birthday is organizing a pool or beach party. Pass out beach party birthday invitations written on blown-up beach balls in permanent marker. Hold a beach ball volley ball tournament in the pool and give the winning team inexpensive gift certificates to a kid-friendly local restaurant as their prize. Serve a picnic lunch menu like ready-made sub sandwiches, slices of cool watermelon, chips and soda. Then present the guest of honor with a beach scene birthday cake as a finish to the beach theme party.

Regardless of what you eventually decide to do, putting something together that will get the birthday person and their guests active and involved are important. This helps to keep them occupied, as well as keeps them interested and excited about what is going on. A party that has involvement to this degree will help to ward away boredom.

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