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Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Star Wars birthday party ideas are quite popular among kids. Some considerations for this type of party include the party invitations, party decorations, food and drinks, entertainments, games and activities, as well as the birthday cake.

Star Wars is a popular birthday party theme for fans of the series, particularly among children. Use a specific episode or a general theme that encompasses popular details from all six episodes. Host a Star Wars-themed party if your child goes nowhere without his light saber or Yoda toys. Even though there hasn’t been a recent film release, Star Wars remains a popular favorite among fans both new and old. Kids of all ages from 5 to 15 have embraced the world that was imagined by Star Wars creator George Lucas more than twenty-five years ago. For kids, the world of Star Wars is an infinitely fascinating place where they can let their imagination and fantasies take flight in a galaxy far, far away. If your special birthday girl or boy is really a fan of these films, this is the “can’t” miss party theme to add to your best birthday party list.

There are many techniques you’ll be able to employ that will bring the theme to light in a way that permits everyone to have enjoyable and memorable experience. To begin, you could have a classic Star Wars event with the original Episodes (IV, V, and VI) showing one right after the other throughout the course of the party.

Use a Star Wars-themed invitation, whether store-bought or homemade. Use the shape of your child’s favorite Star Wars character or decorate the invitation to look like a Star Wars planet or shape. Pictures of your child in her Star Wars costume will work as well. Alternatively, use a font and design that mimics the moving text at the beginning of the movies. Include Star Wars lingo, as well. For example, “In a galaxy far, far away” followed by some of the real text from the movies. Use your child’s name and birth date or personalize it with other details pertaining to your child and her party. Or, word the invitation the way Yoda might say it. For instance, “Invited to Janie’s birthday party, you are.”

Decorate the party space to mimic the inside of a ship or outer space. Use life-sized cardboard cutouts of your child’s favorite characters or hang posters all around the room. Hang planets and space ships from the ceiling decorated with glow-in-the-dark stars, especially for a sleepover. Use one side of the room for the dark side and the other for the light side to play off the Jedi-versus-Sith theme. Set up your child’s Star Wars toys on tables or shelves for more decorations. Keep them out of reach if he doesn’t want other children to play with them.

Keep your guests entertained with creative games and activities or adapt a Star Wars theme to classic birthday party games. Greet guests with a face painting station to make them into aliens and let them decorate Star Wars badges with a new name. Send guests on a Jedi training course or obstacle course, giving them a light saber to light the way. Light sabers can be foam, such as the swimming “noodle” toys, with tape as the handle, or actual light saber toys. Ask the kids to find “moon rocks.”

Wrap small treats and prizes in aluminum foil and hide them throughout the party area. Put a few to the side in case any of the kids can’t find any. Alternatively, insert the small prizes in balloons and blow them up. Release the balloons into the group of kids, letting them destroy the enemy ships and collect a reward. Have at least three or four balloons for each kid to destroy. “Pass the Death Star” is a Star Wars-themed takes on “hot potato.” Fill a balloon with confetti and small balls or wads of aluminum foil. Use the Star Wars theme music for the game.

Rename your child’s favorite food, such as “galactic pizza” or “space spaghetti.” Serve bubbly-looking drinks, such as lime soda mixed with lime sherbet, raspberry sherbet mixed with cherry soda or vanilla ice cream and strawberry soda. The cake can resemble a ship, character or light saber to keep with the theme. Pass out favor bags or cups decorated with Star Wars stickers filled with small goodies as a thank you for your guests’ attendance. Glow-in-the-dark stars, pencils, bracelets, bouncy balls or other items are fitting. Other goodies to consider are Star Wars-themed candy, stickers, coloring books, temporary tattoos or miniature light sabers or flashlights.

The birthday cake is much anticipated by the birthday boys and his guests so make sure yours is a star attraction. You can purchase a Star Wars theme cake pan and decorate according to the instructions that come with it. Or, you can bake and frost a cake and use a cake topper or arrange fun Star Wars figures on top. Birthday party sites often have super instructions and recipes. Most bakeries are likely to have a fantastic cake on hand or an inventory for Star Wars because the theme remains so common. If not, you will find great cake ideas online that work beautifully for a Star Wars theme with homemade birthday cakes. It’s actually great in case you can try one of these because it will be something just a little distinct from what everybody else who does a Star Wars themed party will have. Naturally, you could constantly go with a background of stars along with the original Star Wars logo painted in yellow. It is simple but completely suitable for this kind of party.

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