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First Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

First birthday party ideas for girls will have a few considerations when planning and organizing the party. These include party decorations, themes for the party and also, perhaps, the place where the party is organized.

First birthdays are always a momentous, special occasion. While the guest of honor may be too little to remember anything, 1st girl’s birthday parties give family members and close friends an opportunity to celebrate with their favorite one-year-old.

When it comes to a theme for your child’s first birthday party, you should keep in mind not only your child’s personality but also your own preferences. After all, this special birthday is one that you want to be memorable for yourself, your baby and the guests. Some themes, like those based on toys and licensed characters, are inherently easier to pull off because of the abundance of supplies available. The more unique and/or unusual your party theme, the more effort you will need to put into the party preparation.

As many parents of toddlers, preschoolers and older kids will attest, one year olds rarely understand what the hype is about on their big day. Instead, they are happy to play with the gift-wrap and eat cake. Therefore, it is useful to have some fun ideas for the other guests to partake in that will make the day special for everyone involved.

First birthday party themes often focus on fictional characters that are popular among young children such as Baby Einstein, Barney, Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street. If your little girl has a favorite, consider using that as your theme. Every little girl loves pink, right? From the decorations to the party hats and even the birthday cake, make everything pink. To ensure your guests aren’t completely overwhelmed and to create visual diversity, try using a variety of different shades of pink. Besides that, you can also organize a cupcake based party. Cupcakes are a perfect alternative to the standard birthday cake and make for a charming theme for a 1st girl’s birthday. Bake (or buy) a variety of different cupcake flavors that allow guests to indulge in.

Furthermore, you can set up a large buffet table with jumbo cupcakes in whatever flavors your child (or you) prefer. Have several choices of frosting available, along with edible decorations, like sprinkles, colored sugars, chocolate candies, jellybeans, nuts and coconut flakes. If you invite a lot of young kids or have a large amount of cousins who will be attending the one year olds birthday, consider renting a party place for the big birthday bash. A separate room with a door will keep crawling or walking one year olds corralled, and allow you to enjoy the party without worrying about cleaning, food preparation or activities. Infant and toddler gyms, music classes and even libraries may have rental areas suitable for a one year olds birthday.

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