Fairy Party Ideas

Fairy party ideas are rather popular nowadays among kids especially for celebrating their birthday. For organizing this kinds of party, it is essential to consider a few aspects such as the decorations, themes, activities and games as well as the serving of the party.

Disney Fairy Party Ideas

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A perennial favorite among children, fairy-themed birthday parties let young imaginations take flight. You can customize birthday parties that incorporate fairies to suit a variety of ages, styles and tastes. Fairy birthday parties incorporate fairy decorations, fairy costumes, fairy party favors, fairy games and fairy food.

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Popular fairies like Tinkerbelle have full sets of premade party decorations. Whether adding to a premade set or starting from scratch, there are a number of ways to achieve an enchanted fairy atmosphere. Some countries refer to holiday tree lights as fairy lights. Wind strands of string lights around the room for a magical, twinkling effect. You can decorate chairs and tables using colored tulle fabric and ribbons. Use silk or paper flowers to make a room fit for a fairy princess.

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A major component of a fairy birthday party is costumes for the attendees. You can purchase inexpensive fairy wings at costume shops or help children to create their own. In addition to wings, make body glitter, simple tutus and other pretty dress-up items available. No fairy costume would be complete without a magic wand. Purchase wands in advance, or have guests make and decorate them as part of the party.

Fairy Party Ideas

Fairy Tale Party Ideas

Activities are essential, especially for young children when the party first begins. Activities help to alleviate shyness and make the children more comfortable plus, projects give them something to bring home after the party. One option involves making flower wreaths that fit around the head using flower garland. Lay out silk flowers, ribbon streamers, glitter, and other craft items, and help the children to embellish the wreaths. When they’re done, the kids can wear their fairy wreaths throughout the party.

Fairy Themed Party Ideas

You can adapt almost any birthday party game as a fairy game. For example, Fairy Tag follows the normal rules of tag, but the fairy who is “it” must tap another person with her wand instead of her hand. A Fairy Hunt is a treasure hunt where you hide images of fairies and provide clues that lead the group to a final prize.

Girls Fairy Party Ideas

Tea parties fit right in with the airy garden feel of a fairy themed party. Use a teapot to serve hot or iced tea and pink lemonade. Make tea sandwiches filled with chicken salad, cream cheese and strawberries, thin sliced ham or turkey with cheese or peanut butter and jelly; whatever the kids will eat. Cut them in triangles and other shapes or use a cookie cutter to make the shapes more interesting. Chocolate-dipped pretzel rods rolled in colored sprinkles make colorful treats. Instead of a big cake, serve petit for – small sugary cakes found at most bakeries. Place them in cupcake papers and stack them on a plate so guests can select their own.

Kids Fairy Party Ideas