Carnival Birthday Party

Carnival birthday party is indeed a great choice for kids who love carnival. Some considerations for this kind of party include the decorations, party food, as well as the games and activities.

Carnival Theme Party

Carnivals are fun for kids of all ages. If you are looking for an entertaining theme for your child’s birthday party, consider throwing a carnival party. This theme offers many options for games, foods and prizes. A carnival birthday party is sure to be a hit with both the children and the adults in attendance.

Carnival Birthday Party Ideas

Decorations can be very creative. You may hang red and yellow balloons and streamers everywhere that you can. Make carnival booths from large cardboard boxes wrapped in brightly coloured plastic tablecloths. Use empty wrapping paper tubes to hold poster board signs over each booth with the name of the booth written on the sign. Let tarps or even sheets on poles serve as carnival tents. Use the tents for food, a few games or prizes.

Carnival Birthday Party

Your guests will be too busy moving from game to game to sit down and enjoy a full meal, so create a menu full of classic carnival food that is easy to eat. You can set up a hot dog station, where guests can grab a dog and add their favourite toppings, like ketchup, mustard or relish. Rent a candyfloss machine, and offer guests this classic carnival treat for dessert. Give out small boxes of freshly popped popcorn as a snack—you can even rent a popcorn machine, which will add an authentic touch to your carnival circus birthday party. Every birthday party calls for a cake, so provide a circus-themed cake complete with buttercream or fondant circus animals on it.

Carnival Party Ideas

Many carnival games are easy for you to replicate at home. Create a beanbag toss using plastic bowls and bean bags; challenge guests to toss the bean bags into the bowls. Set up plastic soda bottles, and give guests a tennis ball to see how many they can knock over. Fill a kids’ pool with water, and float rubber ducks in it. Let guests pick a duck, and if they choose one with a star written on the bottom of it, they win a small prize. If your family pet has a few tricks, then it can serve as the main event. Let your pup show off his tricks, even if it’s nothing more than rolling over or playing dead. Circuses offer animal acts, so get your animals involved in the birthday celebrations.

Carnival Party Supplies

If you have a large backyard, you can create a mini-carnival with inflatable rides like moonwalks and bouncers from a party outfitter. If the weather is warm enough, add a portable pool to the mix so kids can have some fun in the water. If you can fit it in your budget, you can even rent a carousel and a dunking machine from local vendors to really give the party an authentic carnival atmosphere. Make sure to have adults running the machines and overseeing safety.

Carnival Theme Birthday Party