Ballerina Birthday Party Ideas

Ballerina birthday party ideas are great for celebrating a girl’s party especially those who love the practice or those who actually practice it. Some considerations to take into account include the party invitation, party decoration, party food and drinks, as well as the party activities and games.

Ballerina Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

For many young girls, ballet helps enhance social and physical development. If your child practices ballet, consider throwing her a ballet-themed birthday party. With a festive cake, decorations and activities, it’s a celebration your dancer will never forget.

Ballerina Party Ideas

You may first begin by creating ballerina party invitations with pink card stock and ballerina stickers. Tie a pink ribbon or piece of tulle around the invitation for a finishing touch. Make sure to include on the invitation that children should come wearing their ballerina clothes. The host should have some extra tutus on hand at the party for children who may not have one. If the invitation is for a birthday, take a photo of the birthday girl in her favorite tutu and use the photo on the front of the invitation.

Ballerina Party

For a ballerina party, provide elegant refreshments with delicate flavors. For young guests, keep their likes and dislikes in mind when planning the menu. Finger sandwiches work well, as they are both dainty and familiar. In addition to your standbys, like ham, turkey, cheese or peanut butter, also serve some unusual but mild options, such as avocado, cucumber or whitefish sandwiches. Dress up the presentation, using high-quality white bread with the crusts removed, and slicing the sandwiches into minute triangles. Cupcakes make an ideal finish to a ballerina-themed party. Frost them in pink and white and, if you wish, finish with a sprinkling of edible silver balls. For beverages, serve pink lemonade in plastic stemware. Drop a single edible flower in each glass for an extra treat. Be sure to buy any edible flowers from a reputable source, labeled as intended for consumption.

Ballerina Themed Party

Decorate the party area with lots of pink and white balloons and wide strips of tulle draped diagonally across the ceiling. A string of small white indoor lights around the edge of the room helps it to sparkle and shine. Tape long pink and white streamers in the doorway so guests have to walk through a wall of streamers to enter the party.

Ballerina Party Decor

For a dose of authenticity, hire a ballet instructor to give all the guests a short lesson. To keep your budget down, find an advanced ballet student who’s up to the task. For younger groups, be sure to limit the instruction to half an hour or forty minutes and then follow it with a good deal of time for unstructured dancing. Instead of “Pin the tail on the donkey,” play “Pin the tiara/shoe on the ballerina” or “Pin the ballerina on the stage.” If you can locate a party shop with an extensive selection of piñatas, a ballerina piñata gives guests a release from the prim tenor of the rest of the party.

Ballerina Birthday Party Ideas

Tutus, feather boas, tiaras, tights, ballet slippers and makeup can be used for ballet dress-up games. Ideas for such games include dividing participants into groups of three or four and selecting one participant from each group to be the “ballerina.” The other participants must dress the ballerina with the items given to be judged by a “judging panel,” which can either be other guests or guests’ parents. The team with the “best” ballerina wins. Another option with this game is a race to dress the “ballerina.” The team that dresses its ballerina first wins.