Doraemon Themed Birthday Ideas

Doraemon is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by the manga writing team Fujiko Fujio. Who does not know the blue-colored doll became a friend that has a magic bag of nobita, certainly all children know if the doll named doraemon. Doraemon can be the inspiration for the theme of the birthday that you want your child to celebrate.


Doraemon theme you can use to invite to your child’s birthday. You can design her own birthday invitations or can ask for help printing services invitation. Doraemon not only preferred by older women but the boy was liked the doll.


Doraemon has many variations of the images so that your child will be happy with the birthday invitations that you create. The blue color and is decorated with pictures of doraemon dolls are going to be an interesting invitation ideas for birthday parties for children.Cut out a shape on white paper that looks like Doraemon. Glue a pocket to the front where Doraemon’s pocket would be. Write the party information on a separate paper and put it in Doraemon’s pocket. Doraemon is blue, white and red so use these colors to decorate with streamers, balloons and party ware. Put pictures of Nobita’s house and other characters out.



For food ideas, prepare doraemon cookies and cakes. Doraemon faces cupcakes are definitely kids favourite!