Winter Birthday Party Ideas

For celebrating a winter birthday, winter birthday party ideas are must-have and you may incorporate your own creative ideas for making the party as unique as you may want it to be. Some considerations to take into account include the decoration, food and drink, party themes, as well as the games and activities for the party.

Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Throwing a birthday party with a theme is a great way to add an extra element of fun to a birthday celebration. A wintertime theme is often popular with people born in the winter months, though this theme can be used year-round to add a sparkle to any birthday celebration. All you need are a few simple accessories to easily turn any birthday celebration into a winter-themed wonderland.

Winter Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Snow is a must for any winter-themed birthday. If you have the means, you can hire an ice company to blow real snow around, though there are less-costly ways of producing a snowy effect. Paper snowflakes can be scattered on floors, tables and other surfaces, and bundles of cotton can stand in for the real thing. Lots of sparkling string lights will add a wintertime dazzle. Choose plain white or soft blue string lights and drape them from the ceiling and along the walls. Add some winter greenery by using pine tree branches and pine cones as table centerpieces. You can even sprinkle a little fake snow or paper snowflakes around the pine needles. Little snowmen can made from foam balls and toothpicks.

Winter Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

A winter-theme party should have plenty of wintertime comfort foods, like fondue, hot chocolate, soup, stew or chili. Cider is an especially popular wintertime drink. If you want to serve alcoholic beverages, offer wintertime selections like brandy or coffee liqueur. For dessert, cupcakes or pastries with coconut sprinkles can be made to look like little snowballs. You can also cut angel food cake into snowflake and snowman shapes and cover them with white icing and more sprinkles.

Winter Birthday Party Ideas 3

The color scheme for a winter birthday should be mostly white, though soft blues and silvers can be used. Sheer or sparkling fabric in white, blue and silver can be used as tablecloths and draped on walls and over chairs. Ice sculptures are appropriate for a winter theme, though less costly plastic sculptures can be used instead. Winter-themed accessories such as sleds, skis and mittens can be strategically placed around your party space, and glass and crystal chandeliers or icicles will add a wintry feel. Glass and crystal dishes can be used to serve food. If you want themed music for your party, make a play list of winter-themed songs such as “Winter Wonderland,” “Hazy Shade of Winter” and the winter section of Vivaldi’s classical piece “The Four Seasons.”

Winter Birthday Party Ideas 2

A sledding party is one of the simplest and most enjoyable winter birthday party activities. A sledding party as a local sledding hill or lodge provides both an indoor space for opening presents, eating cake and enjoying warm drinks, and a snowy hill for sledding. The only supplies needed are the sleds, which kids can bring from home or parents can buy. Inexpensive plastic saucer sleds are fast and lightweight, while more avid sliders can use sleds like traditional wooden toboggans that multiple riders can use at the same time.

Winter Birthday Party Ideas 1

For older kids or adults, a winter sports birthday may be the best way to take advantage of a winter birthday’s calendar position. Large groups may be able to rent a bus or get a group discount at a local ski hill. An outdoor winter birthday party can also be a time to introduce friends and family to a winter activity like snowshoeing or ice fishing. Snowmobiling is another option, and it can be set up as a poker run. Participants ride from home to home, opening gifts at one person’s house and eating a meal or enjoying cake at another. At each stop, each rider selects a card from a common deck. After at least five stops, the players compare their hands, according to poker values. The winner gets a prize.

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